AGS Celebrates Successful Webinar Series

The spring and summer of 2020 saw many challenges, but a lack of excellent geoscience content was not one of them!. The AGS webinar series brought together geoscientists from across Canada for 15 talks between April and October, 2020. Thanks to AGS President Dave Lentz for coordinating and all our wonderful speakers for presenting!

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New Publication: Geology of Green Cove brochure

Green Cove is a designated Nova Scotia Geoheritage Site protected by its location in a National Park. Here you can walk on rocks that preserve unsurpassed evidence about the ancient history of the Cape Breton Highlands. They provide a treasured glimpse into the Earth’s distant past and invaluable insights about Earth processes. A free download is available!

Geology of Green Cove: A Nova Scotia Geoheritage Site