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A full list of AGS Publications (April 2022) is also available as a pdf.

The Appalachian Story (1987 – Two parts, 25 minutes each)
AGS Publication #8
ISBN 0-9683988-0-4
The Recent Ice Age (1990 – 26 minutes)
AGS Publication #9
ISBN 0-9683988-1-2
Offshore Oil and Natural Gas (1992 – 26 minutes)
AGS Publication #10
ISBN 0-9683988-2-0
All three available on one DVD for $15.00

The Appalachian Story Video Guide
Waldron, J.W.F., Donohoe, H.V. and Keith, D., 1992.
AGS Publication #11
ISBN 0-9696009-6-8
Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Video Guide
Batson, P.A., MacDonald, D.J., Wade, J.A. and Williams, G.L., 1993.
AGS Publication #12
ISBN 0-9696009-7-6
The Recent Ice Age Video Guide
Hill, J., Hill, P., Carrier, C. and Forbel, D., 1996.
AGS Publication #13
ISBN 0-9696009-8-4
When purchasing the above DVD, an extra $5.00 will include these three video guides (#11, 12 & 13)

Halifax Harbour: A Geological Journey
AGS Publication #36
We advise teachers to encourage their school boards to purchase “Halifax Harbour: A Geological Journey”. When the Resources Centre (part of the Department of Education) approves the DVD as a legitimate resource, teachers can then obtain a copy for the cost of a DVD or tape.
ISBN 978-0-9737982-8-9
AGS members $15.00 Non-members $20.00