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Global Geoparks Conference, Saint John, NB

At the recent International UNESCO Conference on Global Geoparks, held in Saint John, New Brunswick, former president Elisabeth Kosters took the opportunity to present a copy of the AGS publication, The Last Billion Years, to some of the dignitaries attending the conference. Photographs courtesy of Dominique Potvin.

The Peter Russell Rock Garden at the University of Waterloo

We have the North Mountain Basalt columns from NS nicely installed and labelled in the Rock Garden. I sent you photos earlier of the Red Granite from NB (seen in one of the photos again here). They are spectacular and we are excited to have Atlantic Canada represented in the Garden. I have some Wallace sandstone from NS and red sandstone from PEI (yes hard stuff I hope to withstand weathering) on their way so now we will have PEI represented too. Again many thanks to you and all the others who helped make this happen. We certainly appreciate it and so will the students and visitors to the Garden for years to come.

– Barry Warner

Proposal for veterans memorial monument in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Parks Canada has officially backed out of the controversial “Mother Canada” veterans memorial slated to be built in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The memorial had been slated to be built at Green Cove, a rare location at which the crustal rocks that underlie the park are exposed. The Atlantic Geoscience Society expressed opposition to the monument in January 2015 and December 2016.