The Last Billion Years Reprinting

AGS is pleased to announce that we have reprinted Last Billion Years – A Geological History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. It again available from our publications page.

Since 2001, when this book was first printed, knowledge and concepts of the geology of the Maritime Provinces and adjacent areas onshore and offshore has expanded considerably. The present version retains the original content, so does not always reflect today’s views. For a listing of books and other material that give more recent interpretations of some of the topics presented here, the interested reader may refer to the following publications (all available from AGS):

  • Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada’s Geological Heritage – Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences
  • Quatre milliards d’années d’histoire: Le patrimoine geologique du Canada
  • Nova Scotia Rocks: Explore Our Geology (2nd edition)
  • Geology of Nova Scotia: Touring through time at 48 scenic sites by Martha Hickman Hild and Sandra Barr, 2015.
  • The Joggins Fossil Cliffs – Coal Age Galapagos by John Calder, 2012
  • Island at the Centre of the World by John Calder, 2018
  • Geological Highway Map of Nova Scotia (3rd ed.)
  • Nova Scotia Pebbles (PC Download Mobile Download)