Halifax 2022

The main page for Halifax 2022 is at https://halifax2022.atlanticgeosciencesociety.ca/


Centrally located in the city, all events will be held in the Halifax Convention Centre, on the edge of North America, in the centre of it all. A floor plan of the convention level is available.


Halifax 2022 is a joint meeting of the Geological Association of Canada, the Mineralogical Association of Canada, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and the International Association of Hydrogeologists – Canadian National Chapter. The hosting society is the Atlantic Geoscience Society.

Other groups will also be providing content and coordinating with Halifax 2022:

Local Organizing Committee

CommitteeChairOther members
General ChairSandra Barr 
MAC Vice/Co-chairRob Raeside 
CSPG representativeCarla Skinner 
IAH RepresentativesGavin Kennedy, Barret Kurylyk
General SecretaryLynn Dafoe 
FinanceNikole Bingham-Koslowski
Accommodations/TransportationErin AdlakhaPeter Rogers (hotels)
Lexie Arnott (Dalhousie)
ExhibitsJacob HanleyRandy Corney
Field TripsAmy Tizzard 
FundraisingDave LowePeter Rogers
OutreachLouise LeslieAnn Timmermans
PublicationsDenise Brushett 
Publicity/websiteDonnelly ArchibaldKathleen Gould (social media)
RegistrationDawn Kellett 
Short CoursesDeanne van Rooyen 
Special Events/Social EventsLexie Arnott 
Technical ProgramChris WhiteJim Walker
Technical ServicesJohn GosseMitchell Kerr
Early Career EventsRicardo Silva 
AGS LiaisonIan Spooner 
CCUEN RepresentativePeter Mushkat 
CSSS ContactDavid Burton 

The main page for Halifax 2022 is at https://halifax2022.atlanticgeosciencesociety.ca