AGS Talk/Webinar Series 2020

AGS hosted an engaging webinar series in 2020, thanks to the coordination efforts of Dave Lentz (AGS President, 2020).

  • AGS Webinar 15 – “Greening of the Maritimes – The Energy Transition.” Presented by Professor Grant Wach, D.Phil., FGS, P. Geo. Thursday October 22th, 2:00pm NDT (1:30pm ADT). Hosted by Jared Butler & Anne Westhues (NL GAC) & Dave Lentz (AGS).
  • AGS Webinar 14 – “From slab melting to sulphide remobilization and everything in between: an overview of the evolution of the Ming VMS system.” Presented by Jean-Luc Pilote (GSC & MUN) Thursday October 08th, 2:00pm NDT (1:30pm ADT). Hosted by Jared Butler & Anne Westhues (NL GAC) & Dave Lentz (AGS).
  • AGS Webinar 13 – “Depositional efficiency of hydrothermal systems at the seafloor – implications for formation of VMS deposits.” Presented by John Jamieson (Memorial University) Thursday September 24th, 2:00pm NDT (1:30pm ADT). Hosted by Dave Lentz (AGS) & Anne Westhues (NL GAC).
  • AGS Webinar 12 – “The assembly of Pangea in the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark: faulting, magmatism, and mineralization.” Presented by Georgia Pe-Piper (SMU) & David Piper (BIO) Thursday September 10th, 2:00pm NDT (1:30pm ADT). Hosted by Dave Lentz (AGS) & Anne Westhues (NL GAC).
  • AGS Webinar 11 – “Green Point shale of Western Newfoundland: A review of the geology and hydrocarbon potential.” Presented by Alana Hinchey (GSNL) Thursday August 27th, 2:00pm NDT (1:30pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 10 – “Where Geology Meets Jurisprudence: Canada’s extended continental shelf mapping in the Atlantic.” Presented by David Cole Mosher (NRCan) Thursday August 13th, 1:30pm NDT (1:00pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 9 – “What can the chemistry of magnetite tell us about magnetite-apatite deposits?” Presented by John Hanchar (MUN) (with F Tornos) Thursday July 30th, 1:30pm NDT (1:00pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 8 – “More than just whales and a scenic drive! Cape Breton Island’s contribution to a more complete understanding of the Maritime Appalachians.” Presented by Deanne van Rooyen (Cape Breton University) Thursday July 16th, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 7 – “Hyperspectral imaging in Canadian mines – examples form the Highland Valley porphyry Cu and Canadian Malartic Au deposits.” Presented by Phil Lypaczewski from CONA Thursday July 2nd, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 6 – “Glacial Mapping in Central-North Labrador.” Presented by Heather Campbell (Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador) Thursday June 19th, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT).
  • AGS Webinar 5 – “Gold Mining in Nova Scotia: Learning From the Past to Improve Future Environmental Performance.” Presented by: Dr. Michael Parsons (GSC Atlantic) Thursday June 4th, 1:30pm ADT.
  • AGS Webinar 4 – “A 500-year paleostorm record from Harvey Lake, New Brunswick: Implications for cyanobacteria bloom formation.” Presented by Prof. R. Tim Patterson (Carleton U) Thursday May 21st, 1:30pm ADT.
  • AGS Webinar 3 – “Petrology and geochronology of an inverted metamorphic sequence in the western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia.” Presented by Dr. Travis McCarron (UNB) Thursday May 7th, 1:30pm ADT.
  • AGS Webinar 2 – “Spatial and temporal correspondence of post-orogenic granites, intrusion-related polymetallic mineralization, and fault reactivation, Canadian Appalachians.” Presented by Dr. Dawn Kellett (GSC Atlantic) Thursday April 23rd, 1:30pm ADT.
  • AGS Webinar 1 – “Evaporite tectonics in the Maritimes Basin: salt, subsidence, sinkholes.” Presented by Prof. John Waldron’s (U of Alberta) talk [with Morgan Snyder (Acadia) and Alison Thomas (CBU)] April 09, 2020 01:30pm AST.